Raised in a family of builders and artists, my fascination with the intricacies of spaces, paired with an understanding of how a well-designed environment can influence emotions, sparked my passion for a career in interior design.


THE GOAL is very simple. We're here to BLEND your personal style with functional DESIGN.

My sole mission is to evoke a sense of well-being in every space. Harnessing my remarkable attention to detail and organizational prowess, I excel in implementing tailored solutions to interiors. Whether it's selecting the ideal fabric for your furniture, choosing the perfect kitchen tile, or optimizing the functionality of your home/business for daily life, my expertise is finely tuned to comprehend your needs and breathe life into your envisioned space.

THE GOAL is very simple.We're here to help you FALL IN LOVE with your OWN HOME

I'm Caitlin Carota.

Lead designer, founder, organizational specialist, crazy plant lady and moving house/country enthusiast.

From my earliest memories of fixing and building alongside my father and designing spaces with my stepmother, to owning and operating a coastal decor shop in British Columbia, my journey as a design enthusiast began long before my professional training. Traveling across Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Europe, and Mexico has inspired my appreciation for architecture and design. Settling in Montreal, my educational journey furthered my grasp of colour theory, lighting, drafting, sketching, 3D rendering, and the detailed craft of construction documents.

Post-graduation, I had the honour of collaborating with top professionals in Montreal and across North America, including three notable partnerships with Mastercard. My experiences have also extended to the digital realm, with a growing presence on YouTube. Now, as I embark on this exciting new chapter as a designer in Mexico, I bring a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and passion to every project.

The BEST part of my job? uncovering the feelings your space can evoke.


currently residing in bucerias, mexico
sushi is always a good idea 
lived in vietnam
owned + OPERATED a decor shoppe
sunshine seeker + salty air lover
handywoman + DIY'er

The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.

- david hicks


colour + ART

my husband + business partner


MEXICAN architecture

shapes, shadows
+ plants

Want to collaborate?

As a designer with experience working with top brands on film, creating design videos is another passion I will continue to cultivate. If you have a brand or design idea, I want to hear from you!

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