Discover the full spectrum of our interior design studio, providing both in-person services in Bahía de Banderas + and virtual design solutions. 

Clients approach us with diverse challenges – perhaps an existing space requiring enhancement, a new build seeking plans and design work, or a desire to maximize short-term rental profits through decorating. Our solution-oriented interior design process serves as a guiding force, steering clients towards tailored solutions and providing the support needed to bring their vision to fruition.

Areas of Expertise

With a background of over 8 years collaborating with clients across Canada, Caitlin brings honed design skills to the table, ensuring a nuanced understanding of your specific wants and needs. Our studio specializes in both residential and commercial design

furnishing / sourcing materials

spacial layouts

new build / renovations

virtual design

floor plans + 3D renders

interior design that functions

Our Mission

Why Carota Interior Design? Here's a little about what makes us different. 

What sets us apart is our commitment to the symbiosis of beauty and function. Rooted in a construction background, our approach ensures your space not only looks stunning but operates seamlessly. We understand the profound impact of lighting and color, going beyond surface-level aesthetics to shape an ambiance tailored to your lifestyle. Every material is researched for both its visual appeal and functional benefits, ensuring a space that not only captivates but also serves a purpose. Choose a designer where every detail is considered with purpose and precision, crafting a space that's as functional as it is beautiful. Welcome to a design experience that redefines the standard.


initial consultion

During our complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call, we delve into the details of your design project. We explore your priorities, understanding what matters most to you about the project, and collaboratively determine which of our services aligns best with your vision and needs.



Once a service has been chosen, Carota Interior Design works their magic to transform your vision and needs into a tangible design. Whether it's guiding you in the right direction during a virtual consultation call, researching the best materials and finishes for your project or drawing up the most efficient and functional layout,  your vision begins to shape and unfold.

Following the completion of the primary design phases, Carota Interior Design remains with you at every step, ensuring a seamless integration of the design into your space.

Interior Design

If you are in Bahía de Banderas, let's work together! We offer in-person interior design services.

Do you own property and need help getting started with design? Carota Interior Design works with local contractors and trades people here in Bucerias who can help with your revamp, renovation or new build. Arrive to your new home here in Mexico move-in ready.


Virtual Design

Implement high quality interior design from the comfort of your home with our virtual design services.

Having collaborated with dozens of satisfied clients across North America, our virtual design services offer simplicity and joy in the interior design process. From a 90-minute consultation to guide you or a comprehensive digital package featuring moodboards, detailed floor plans, and a convenient shopping list, we're here to transform spaces with ease. Add our receive and install for an A-Z design.


Caitlin’s vision and ideas for a space are unmatched. After she installed the design she curated from our ideas, I felt like I had finally moved into my dream home! The space is clean, functional and so welcoming. I truly felt like I have made a friend - She is genuine, kind and very professional!


I needed support from an experienced designer during my home renovation in Montreal. I had a vision and knew the overall look I was going for but was often stuck on either making a decision or just not knowing what questions to ask my contractor. Caitlin was there to guide me in a way that felt calm, confident and knowledge-based. Her overall advice was valuable and what I needed to keep moving my project forward. I can't recommend her enough!

- ANA R.

Caitlin is hard working and was open to making my ideas a reality. The virtual services, advice and guidance exceeded what I expected. This was my first design project and I was nervous, but after it was installed I was overwhelmed with how happy I felt. She made what I was looking for a reality and a success! Exceptional!  


I highly recommend Caitlin; working with her was an absolute pleasure. She was incredibly helpful, efficient, and understood my vision, turning it into a reality. I cannot say enough positive things about her, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

- christina s.

When I saw that Caitlin was offering design services, I decided to take the plunge. I was already following her in instagram and loved her style and approach. We were finishing big renovations on our basement and needed the help with the design portion of that project. After only one call, Caitlin understood my taste and knew exactly what I wanted and needed. As a person, Caitlin is so nice and patient. She makes you feel so comfortable and exudes confidence. I, 100% recommend her services and would 100% work with her again. 

- nadia g.

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